To achieve best results follow this routine 2-3 times a week

Exercise Reps Sets
a1) Single Leg Glute Bridges 15 3
a2) Plank To Failure 3
a3) Superman 15 3
Perform A1 to A3 through then repeat
b1) Lateral Lunge 15 3
b2) Mountain Climber 20 3
b3) Press Ups 15-20 3
b4) Prone Reaches 15-20 3
Perform B1 to B4 through then repeat until 3 sets done
c1) Step Back Lounges 20 3
c2) Spidermans 20 3
c3) LEg Drops 20 3
Perform C1 to C3 through then repeat

A1 Single Leg Glute Bridges

A2 Plank

A3 Superman

B1 Lateral Lunge

B2 Mountain Climber

B3 Press Ups

B4 Prone Reaches

C1 Step Back Lounges

C2 Spidermans

C3 Leg Drops

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