The appointment of CEO, Genesis Research Trust

About Genesis Research Trust

Despite countless breakthroughs in medical science, we still do not understand why some pregnancies will end in tragedy. For most of us, having a child of our own is the most fulfilling experience of our lives. All of us can imagine the desperation and sadness of parents who lose a baby, and the life-shattering impact that a disabled or seriously ill child has on a family.

Genesis Research Trust is a charitable organisation which raises money for the largest UK-based collection of scientists and clinicians who are researching the causes and cures for conditions that affect the health of women and babies. This Trust is uniquely based in the building where the scientists carry out their research at the Wolfson and Weston Research Institute for Family Health, on the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College London.

The objectives of the Trust are to provide financial assistance for medical research and teaching in the field of gynaecology, obstetrics and related fields in paediatrics. The Trust is organised in order to promote, by all available means, the study of healthy childbearing and diseases of women.

Our teaching programme is internationally recognised and the work produced has the highest reputation amongst academics and researchers. Our courses and symposia are attended by approximately 3,000 full and part-time students per year.

Advances in the wellbeing of women and babies can only be achieved by research into the disorders which can affect anyone. Our primary aim is to improve the health of the unborn child and its mother.


The appointment of CEO

Applications for a Chief Executive are invited to manage and expand a small but dedicated team of (currently 12 people), based at the Institute of Reproductive & Developmental Biology, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College Campus.

The Trust wishes to raise its national and international profile, and to increase funding for the projects and doctoral studentships it has in hand. The successful candidate will have demonstrable leadership skills, a proven track record in charitable fundraising, and excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with our large donor base, staff and stakeholders. Whilst a scientific background is not essential, the successful applicant should have strong sympathy with those who suffer from reproductive and allied problems, and some understanding of academic institutions.

A competitive salary is offered.


The Chief Executive’s responsibilities fall into three broad categories. 

Management and leadership

  • Take responsibility for the overall direction and management of the Trust, working closely with the Fundraising and Events Team, and the Finance Director
  • Monitor Genesis Research Trust finances, advise on the best strategic deployment of resources, and contribute to Genesis Trust business planning and forecasting
  • Ensure excellent working relationships with the GRT team
  • Become familiar with the scope and import of the science done by those funded by GRT
  • Identify and facilitate the development of educational and commercial opportunities in the Symposium office to maximise income generation
  • Assess efficient and cost-effective ways to process financial information and individual donor records, and commission relevant software where appropriate
  • Oversee maintenance of records of Deeds of Covenant, Gift Aid, legacies etc. Ensure the Trust is compliant with the conditions of the Charity Commission
  • Ensure contracts with external suppliers are executed in the interests of the Trust, that no unquantified liabilities are placed on the charity, obtain external legal and other professional advice as required
  • Meet all scientists working in connection with the Genesis Research Trust regularly and ensure they are fully engaged with its work and its fundraising and development activity
  • Engage with management and senior staff of Imperial College to encourage familiarity with the work of the Trust and nurture their support
  • Attend Trustee Meetings with responsibility for preparation and distribution of agenda papers and documents associated with the work of the trust
  • Produce the Annual Report and Accounts for circulation to the Charity Commission and Auditor
  • Liaise with Imperial College’s Divisional Administration and the Faculty Finance Officer

Fundraising and development

  • Oversee the diversification and augmentation of income streams, establishing effective strategies for fundraising for specific projects, whilst maintaining income for scholarships, consumables and laboratory equipment.
  • Identify and develop donors likely to be interested in the work of the Trust.
  • Initiate and develop relationships with corporate sponsors; develop and maintain major donor relationships.
  • Identify charitable trusts and foundations whose criteria match the Trust’s aims, and submit applications to them.
  • Facilitate events run by the Trust’s events team, and support the Events Manager and the staff involved.
  • Develop ways to motivate and sustain existing supporters and grow new support bases from freshly identified communities.


  • Oversee the development of the Trust’s brand strategy, boosting its profile, both locally and nationally
  • Encourage understanding of the Trust’s work within Imperial College and liaise effectively with the College’s Development team where appropriate
  • Ensure good relations with newsprint journalists and those involved in broadcast media
  • Oversee the continued development of the Trust’s website and online content
  • Help build a wide communication network, with an emphasis on the innovative use of social media
  • Ensure the successful promotion and marketing of forthcoming events
  • Control and deliver the annual plan and revenue targets

Experience and knowledge required

Candidates will be required to demonstrate:

  • A relevant track record of leadership and management within a context of appropriate scale and complexity
  • Experience of having led revenue generation and/or diversification, such as having managed a highly successful fundraising operation
  • Ability to strategise and lead on a wide range of fundraising activity
  • An understanding of the process of submitting successful grant applications
  • Excellent inter-personal skills, and ability to lead and motivate a team
  • Cogent, confident and articulate communication skills, with the ability to interact effectively with VIPs and celebrity patrons
  • Ability to analyse and present complex information
  • Understanding of the needs and terms of a charitable organisation
  • Knowledge of the Data Protection Act
  • A good ability to communicate clearly and persuasively, both verbally and in writing, with specialist and non-specialist audiences
  • Energy and commitment, including the ability to prioritise, and set and meet challenging deadlines
  • Integrity, discretion and empathy with issues concerning reproductive health
  • A keen work ethic, the ability to self-motivate, and to lead and manage others to perform successfully as part of a successful and happy team
  • A knowledge of relevant areas of science and medicine would be desirable

How to apply

Applications, comprising an up-to-date CV and a letter of motivation, outlining your reasons for applying and relevance to the requirements of the role, should be sent by email to:

The closing date for applications is Friday, 24 February 2017.

Applicants may also contact the Chairman of the Trust, Professor Lord Winston, initially by