vitamin D

IVF aged 44

Dear Professor Winston, I am 44 later this month, have already had two cycles of IVF (the first was at the end of 2014 – which ended in miscarriage in the 5th week and the second around April 2015 where I did not get a positive pregnancy test. Both treatments were carried out at the same clinic. Although I felt

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Unicornuate uterus and recurrent miscarriage

Dear Professor Winston I am writing for your advice because I have suffered 5 early miscarriages: 1 in 2005 (an unplanned pregnancy with previous partner) and the 4 in the last 2 years. I am 32 and healthy, aside from mild eczema and asthma. Following the 3rd miscarriage, my husband and I had testing for common causes of miscarriage including

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Freezing eggs

Dear Prof. Winston, I would like to ask if you have ever come across anyone that has experienced a radical decrease in fertility in a short period of time. I had tests done within a month of my 38th birthday and had an AMH of 29.4 and an AFC of 20 which I was delighted about. I had the tests as I

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