sperm tests

Irregular cycle & incomplete investigation

Dear Lord Winston, Thank you for looking at my question. I am 29 and have been trying to conceive with my husband (31) for nearly 2 years. I have my next appointment with my consultant next week and I want to meet him knowing if there is anything I should be asking for, rather than just accepting what he tells

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Ectopic pregnancy, 3 miscarriages and unexplained infertility

Dear Professor Winston, I am 36 and my husband is 29 (both fit and healthy, non-smokers); we have been trying for a baby for the past 3 years. In 2007 (with a previous partner) I had an ectopic pregnancy, which was treated conservatively in hospital, and to my knowledge did not leave any residual issues/changes. Later that year I fell

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Is our clinic on the right lines?

Dear Professor Winston, I am 34 years old, as is my husband. We have been trying for a baby for just over four years with no pregnancy at all so far. The initial round of tests (day 3 blood tests, thyroid and glucose tests, hysterosalpingogram, pelvic ultrasound and sperm tests) showed up no abnormalities, although one of my ovaries was

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