ovarian stimulation

Dark Eggs

Dear Prof Winston I am 31 yr of age, AMH >65pmol/L (no other signs of PCOS) and Day 3 FSH of 10 with no menstrual problems. We started ICSI earlier this year due to male infertility. However, my 1st cycle on a long protocol was abandoned due to poor follicle growth as I was on low dose stimulations. My 2nd

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Embryo quality

Dear Lord Robert Winston I’m confused about how to proceed with my IVF clinic. I’m 38 almost 39. I have no fertility problems and am a good responder to drugs. I did IVF ICSI in 2011 and got pregnant 1st time with what they described as a very early day 5 blastocyst (low grade). The cycle produced 9 eggs, 6 mature

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