IVF failure due to fibroids

Dear Professor Robert Winston I am a single 39 female who has under gone x4 IUI and x4 IVF with donor sperm (4 different donors). X3 IvF were antag cycles and had a endometrium scratch each time. My last IVF was a long cycle with entermetrial scratch and embyro glue was used. Each IVF cycle has produced approximately 10 eggs

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Recurrent miscarriages and now fertility issues

Dear Robert I’m over the moon to find this service! I am a 37 year old lady with a history of recurrent miscarriages (no live births) who has been diagnosed as being heterozygous for the Prothrombin Gene Mutation at St Mary’s Hospital in London. I also have hypothyroidism which is treated with 125mcg Levothyroxine daily and pernicious anaemia also treated

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