embryo transfer

Tight cervix and acutely anteverted uterus

Dear Professor Winston, I’m 31 and so is my husband and after about 18months of trying to conceive naturally and having various tests and procedures including a hysterosalpingogram and a hysteroscopy (all clear) we decided to go for IVF. We are both healthy, eat well and aren’t under or overweight and don’t smoke. I have been checked for PCOS and

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Misconceptions about IVF

Dear Professor Winston, I am 42 and have been trying to conceive for 3 years. I have just completed my first IVF cycle which was unsuccessful. I had 10 eggs, 9 fertilised, 7 were viable at 3 days and two were transferred at 3 days. Sadly only one of the remaining 5 was viable for freezing at 5 days. I

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