egg donation

Fertility and Turner’s syndrome

Dear Professor Winston, My query concerns ovary transplants. My daughter, aged 26, has Turner’s Syndrome. She has a uterus, was born with small ovaries and now takes HRT as she effectively has no eggs remaining, but has been told she could have IVF. I hear reports of ovary transplants in women who have had cancer treatment, resulting in recommencing periods

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IVF with donor eggs

Dear Robert My husband & I are looking into IVF with donor eggs. My preference would have been to have treatment in this country as the child could eventually find out who their biological mother is. The costs, however are very expensive compared to some clinics overseas. Are there studies that suggest the importance (or otherwise) of being able to

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Concerns with modern fertility treatment

Dear Professor Winston, I read with interest your article in the Guardian recently and can relate entirely to what you were saying about misinformation, confusion and frustration within the fertility system. Three years ago, when I was 39, my partner and I started the fertility experience after trying for a baby naturally for four years, having one miscarriage during this

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