donor sperm

IVF failure due to fibroids

Dear Professor Robert Winston I am a single 39 female who has under gone x4 IUI and x4 IVF with donor sperm (4 different donors). X3 IvF were antag cycles and had a endometrium scratch each time. My last IVF was a long cycle with entermetrial scratch and embyro glue was used. Each IVF cycle has produced approximately 10 eggs

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New sperm from stem cells?

Dear Professor Winston, I do hope this email finds you well. I have read through many websites about you and your work and I wanted to run something past you as I am very confused about the situation my partner and I are in. My partner is 30 years old. When he was born in 1984 doctors believed his testicles

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Vasectomy reversal or IVF?

Dear Professor Winston I would be so greatful for any advice. I have been trying to conceive for 8 years. As my husband had a vasectomy we were advised by our GP to try IVF opposed to a reversal. This we did- three times (egg sharing) but we were unsuccessful. My husband then had a reversal which we had to

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