conception after 40

How can we increase our chances of IVF success?

Dear Professor Winston, Thanks, first of all for caring enough to do what you do. I am very impressed. My wife and I are trying to decide where to go after our recent, failed ivf attempt. All of our stats looked very good for our age (I am 45, My wife is 43), no underlying problems were identified and all

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IVF failure in over 40s

Dear Professor Winston, Following the visit to the Fertility Show and speaking to a genuinely helpful lady on your stand who said we could email you directly we have decided to do just that. My wife S and I have now unfortunately gone through three unsuccessful IVF cycles which we have funded ourselves due to our ages. I am 41

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Egg retrieval

Dear Robert, I had success on my second ivf attempt 3 years ago. I was 41 at the time and turned 42 just before the birth of our daughter. We are in favour of the mild approach and chose a clinic that promotes this. Over the last year, we have had a number of ivf attempts with the same clinic,

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