Premature births linked to changes in mother’s bacteria

Leading-edge work by Dr David MacIntyre’s team, funded by Genesis last year, has produced important findings about the causes of preterm birth and potential treatments. A study of hundreds of women, carried out at Imperial College London, found that subtle changes to the bacteria present in the vagina were strongly associated with the mother’s waters breaking early and preterm birth

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Crohn’s Disease and female infertility

Dear Professor Winston I am 34 and my husband is 35 and we are trying to get pregnant. I already have a son whom I fell pregnant with the 2nd month of trying. I fell pregnant with my second baby in Nov 2012 again in the 2nd month of trying. I had a missed miscarriage in Feb 2013 when I

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Chlamydia infection and IVF success.

Dear Professor Winston, I am wondering about the validity of the so called Hidden C test which tests menstrual blood for chlamydia and other infections? I have suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 2013 (natural conception after 9 months trying). This was diagnosed with ultrasound and treated with methotrexate. I subsequently had a HSG (X Ray) which showed blocked right tube

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