abnormal sperm

Persistent thrush and fertility….finally pregnant!

Dear Lord Winston, I just wanted to say a very big genuine –from the bottom of my heart- thank you. I followed your advice and asked my GP to have a look at my immune system, which he did. One of the tests he did came back as positive. I won’t bore you with what happened after but long story

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Is our clinic on the right lines?

Dear Professor Winston, I am 34 years old, as is my husband. We have been trying for a baby for just over four years with no pregnancy at all so far. The initial round of tests (day 3 blood tests, thyroid and glucose tests, hysterosalpingogram, pelvic ultrasound and sperm tests) showed up no abnormalities, although one of my ovaries was

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Gradual ovarian failure and IVF

Dear Lord Winston, I listened to you with great interest on Jeremy Vine’s radio show yesterday. We began private fertility treatment in 2007 (an NHS test showed my husband had too many abnormal sperm and were told to go privately as the waiting list was 2.5 years long). First sperm test was normal and so were subsequent ones. We then

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