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About our mission

Right now, 3.7  million people in the UK are struggling to become parents – or facing the very painful possibility they’ll never hold a healthy baby in their arms.

When people want to have a child, and start or add to their family, it’s devastating not to be able to get pregnant, or to go through pregnancies that end in loss, over and over again.

Many companies will have staff that understand this personally. Many will understand the profound grief, and the desperate need for answers for parents who have failed to conceive, lost a child or experienced the life-changing impact of a seriously ill baby.

Supporting Genesis Research Trust is something positive you can do, that will resonate across your company and with your customers.

About us

Genesis funds vital medical research into why and how things can go wrong with conception, pregnancy and birth – and how to better diagnose and treat them. Based at the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College London, we are one of the largest collaborations of scientists and clinicians researching these issues in the world.

Because our research is so fundamental, it’s already had an impact on millions of lives.

Everyone who has had IVF, for example, has benefitted directly from our research and the work of our founder and chairman, Professor Lord (Robert) Winston.

Hormonal cures for infertility, treatments that help reduce the chances of miscarriage, a revolutionary treatment for womb cancer, and ways to screen embryos for fatal genes are just a few of the other major medical advances we’ve pioneered.

To have maximum impact, we fund research that we know will make the most difference. And by supporting world-class scientists and doctors to collaborate across UK hospitals, universities and our own state-of-the-art research facilities, we speed the pace of progress.

How Corporates can work with us

In order to progress research, funding is desperately needed.

Given the scale of suffering that infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and birth defects cause, research is underfunded. Out of every £100 given to medical research in the UK, less than 20p goes towards advancing understanding of conception, pregnancy and birth.

Companies can make a huge impact by supporting our work. There are a number of ways that funders can help – funding research, supporting a PhD student or sponsoring our training programme.