Our top fundraising #Challenge58’er Lorraine who raised a whopping £4236, has some top tips and some words of advice to all fundraisers. Whether you’re fundraising on a small scale or large!

Highest amount raised…

My best individual amount raised through organising an event from start to finish was £30k Extra gift aid brought it to £38k.  I had £12 costs that’s all!!  I was asked to plan an event by the architect of an eco-pod classroom to raise money.  I arranged an auction of promises, using friends, parents business to gift something for it. I got Local businesses to supply the food, drink & raffle prizes, the bank supplied pens and parents friends gave up time to either cook meals, take photos, holiday homes etc.  The list was endless. A fantastic night was had and superb amount raised, it bought us 2 classrooms!

Stay Inspired

What keeps me inspired is generally the cause and the personal achievement.

If I’m entering something to raise money, it’s because I truly believe in it and will have found out about the charity/cause to feel confident about ‘selling’ it to everyone to raise as much money as possible. I may or may not have had experience of the cause, usually these days I have, as have most people, but this spurs me on and inspires me more to make a difference.

I am never ‘bolshy’ when asking people to sponsor me because that offends, but I am very confident, emotional and smiley about it because I believe I can make a difference. I usually have to train hard, which is part of the challenge and it gives me more satisfaction to put myself through some tough days to get there.

Inspiration comes from wanting to help and make a difference!

Fundraising ideas

There are thousands and they can be small or huge!

Here are some very easy ones:

  • Offer to do ironing/housework for a very busy or an ill friend for a month/6 weeks.
  • Make freezer meals, again for the above or family, particularly if they love one or two of your dishes they enjoy at your house.
  • Host a coffee morning with cakes at home, try to get a few gifts from local shops or use up some lovely ‘not needed’ birthday/Christmas gifts to raffle off there, charge a small entry fee £5 as much coffee/cake. If time make extra cakes to sell off (friends even donated cakes & kids loved making them)
  • Take cakes in to work if you haven’t time at home, sell lots to all departments.
  • Ask kids & permission from school to host a fundraising cake day for it.
  • Host a dinner party, this can be done with your teenage daughter or your own friends, make it fun by maybe a theme?
  • If you’re crafty, find out when your local craft fairs are/school fairs etc and make cards, soft toys etc to take there.  Often schools are keen to help for good causes and will often let you put some things on their notice boards and newsletters.

Medium events

  • Organise a village hall bingo night or disco, get sponsorship from businesses to donate food, drink, and prizes.

Bigger ones

  • These could involve organising a ball, this is a massive task and hard work but generally the charity will often help and get on board to help and promote it.
  • Fashion show – using friend’s children/parents to be models, Small local businesses are keen to promote and help.
  • Banks will often match fund if you ‘promote’ them doing so.

And finally Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Be confident about your spiel, so know the charity/cause you are raising funds for.
  2. Keep the spiel simple, condense to grab attention!
  3. Start as soon as you can.
  4. Use your contacts from work to help.
  5. Ask friends family to help make/host things.
  6. Use social media to advertise the cause/sponsorship and ask friends to share the links, share photos of your updates.



  1. Don’t be frightened to ask anyone and everyone.
  2. Don’t panic!  You will get there.
  3. Don’t aim too high, start off with little bits and you’ll gain confidence.


Top Tip

Be organised, set out a plan from day one, whether that’s a notebook with pen & paper or spreadsheet, whatever you’re comfortable with, but set dates for things to make/plan and targets to achieve.


If you, too, have some tips you could share with other fundraisers, email us at stories@genesisresearchtrust.com

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