Maria Kyrgiou

Dr Maria Kyrgiou is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and Consultant Gynaecologist and Gynaecologic Oncologist at the West London Gynaecological Cancer Centre, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust.

The primary focus of her research is traslational research in gynaecological cancers, in particular cervical and endometrial cancer. She has led research into the impact of treatment for cervical pre-invasive and early invasive cervical disease on reproductive outcomes and the clinical use of HPV biomarkers in personalising the management of women with abnormal findings at screening. She has an interest in the role of obesity and metabolic disorders in endometrial tumorigenesis.

Increased risk of preterm birth after treatment for cervical precancer: an assessment of mechanical, immunological and metabolic mechanisms”

CINCervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN) is a precancerous disease of the cervix that is treated surgically with the removal of a cone-shaped part of the cervix. In England alone 23,800 women underwent this surgery in 2012. However, this technique doubles the risk of having a pre-term birth. The research team aims to understand if this increased risk is caused by the surgery itself or whether the immune defences of these women is compromised by the HPV infection (that causes CIN) or does the kind of bacteria in the birth canal differ as a result of the HPV infection and increase the risk of premature birth?

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