The Board of Trustees has been able to fund an important project on the risk of pre-term birth after treatment for cervical pre-cancer. Dr Maria Kyrgiou will lead the research in our laboratories at the IRDB in Hammersmith.


Cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN) is a precancerous disease of the cervix that is treated surgically with the removal of a cone-shaped part of the cervix. In England alone 23,800 women underwent this surgery in 2012. However, this technique doubles the risk of having a pre-term birth. The research team aims to understand if this increased risk is caused by the surgery itself or whether the immune defences of these women is compromised by the HPV infection (that causes CIN) or does the kind of bacteria in the birth canal differ as a result of the HPV infection and increase the risk of premature birth?

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  1. Krista S.

    Because of my LEEP/ Cone procedure I had in my late teens- and was not aware of the risks of preterm labor- I delivered my son at 20 weeks. I was deemed to have an incompetent cervix- for which I now have a Trans-abdominal cerclage in place to prevent this from happening. Many of the women I talk to in my support group have a similar history as I do. It seems like there isn’t much care taken to prevent preterm labor after the history of this procedure. It has been something that greatly concerns me- as now after being able to get pregnant naturally a few times- I have no living children- I have unexplained infertility and many terrible regrets to what I did wrong- and what I wish someone would have laid out for me as risks when I underwent the procedure. Could it have saved my sons life? I will never know.


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