We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who volunteers for Genesis Research Trust. You ride bikes, trek up mountains, hand out leaflets, you talk about us to people you’ve just met, for every share on Facebook and retweet on Twitter, we are so grateful to you.

Without your dedication and hard work we wouldn’t be able to fund the research we’re doing, vital research which aims to give everyone a chance of having a healthy family.

“This charity lies at the heart of the most profound of human wishes: to have a happy and healthy family.”

Professor Robert Winston, Chairman Genesis Research Trust

We need you to continue to sign up for our rides, continue handing out those leaflets, talk about us to people you’ve just met, like and share and populate social media about the work we’re doing, because without your help we cannot continue to fund our work. Volunteering for Genesis Research Trust is about so much more than just your support, it’s about your time and your effort that you’ve put into pro-actively helping us reach our aims.
Down to the simplest of tasks you’ve helped us, by sharing one our social media posts this means you may have enabled someone who has had a miscarriage, a stillborn baby, a premature baby, suffered from PCOS or faced a female cancer the chance to discover the research we’re doing to help prevent the causes of these happening in the future.

Have a look at the statistics:
• 1 in 18 babies in the UK is born prematurely
• 1 in 4 babies are miscarried
• 1 in 200 babies is stillborn
• 4,370 women die of ovarian cancer each year
• 1 in 10 women suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

We’re so proud of you all. We want to turn the statistics relating to our research into things of the past and with your help we can.

To our ladies and gents who have put on our cycling jerseys and ridden into the distance we salute you and your bravery. You’ve tackled some tricky destinations, you’ve given up your time to saddle up, train and fundraise for us because you believe in the research we’re doing, and value the chance for everyone to have a healthy family.

Thank you from everyone at the Genesis Research Trust for everything you do. Please continue to help us.

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If you would like to tell us your story or share your fundraising tips with others, drop us a line at stories@genesisresearchtrust.com


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  1. Jacqui Roberts

    Thank you, it has been my absolute pleasure to not only raise money for this amazing cause but it has also given me new experiences, friendships and a eye opening view of both Egypt and India. Truly life changing for me and I hope life changing for all those amazing ladies awaiting motherhood.


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