Samsung have developed a new app that will allow mothers and premature babies to connect whilst the baby is inside an incubator. Their “Voices of Life” application works by capturing the sound of the mother’s voice and heartbeat, which is then, transmitted inside the incubator. The maternal sounds being transmitted have been shown to aid healthy brain development and can have a calming effect for premature babies. Immediately after recording the sounds, the app will remove any high frequencies in the environment in order to try to mimic the actual acoustics of a womb.

The application works alongside speakers which can be placed next to the incubator and can be played at intervals when the mother isn’t there.

Our research shows Around 1 in 18 babies in the UK is born prematurely (before 32 weeks gestation). This increases the chances of the baby having a disability, and is a major cause of infant deaths. There are 8,000 preterm births in the UK each year at birth weights under 1.5kg. To learn more about premature births click here or get in touch with us.

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