Over the month of November three brave groups of #TeamGenesis ladies will be flying out to Myanmar (Burma) to tackle three gruelling challenges, some will cycle, some will trek. We’ve aptly named our event #BrakingBurma. The first group of #BrakingBurma ladies will be flying out on Saturday 5th November, once in Myanmar they will have to tackle six days of hard-core cycling across difficult terrain, peddling up steep inclines and all in 30⁰C heat. The second group will be tackling the same challenge, flying out on the 14th November. Then come the trekkers who will fly in on the 12th, and will be trekking deep into rural Myanmar in the heat and will trek on average 7-8 hours a day.

These brave 87 women who make up our #BrakingBurma team, alongside a dedicated ground crew and Professor Robert Winston, will be taking on this challenge in order to fundraise for our amazing research.

Each year we organise these vital events to fundraise for research carried out at the Institute of Reproductive Biology at Hammersmith Hospital. Without the support of our dedicated fundraisers we simply wouldn’t be able to continue funding research which looks into causes and cures for miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, female cancers and PCOS.

Each of the #BrakingBurma ladies has been touched by one of the areas we research, whether that is first hand or through supporting family members or friends through these very difficult and life altering events. Recently MPs stood in the House of Commons to discuss the impact of losing a baby on a family (#BabyLossDebate) and Genesis Research Trust, through our medical research wants to end the silence and suffering of so many by tackling the causes head on. We want to tackle these issues by continuing to fund world class research and through our events, with our wonderful supporters championing our work and speaking out about their own personal experiences ( Hannah and Rob)

We hope that you will help to make #BrakingBurma our most successful event yet, by wishing our ladies well, sharing, liking and tweeting with our hashtag, and following their journey.

It may be too late to sign up for Burma but you can still join #TeamGenesis in Madagascar or Cuba

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