Have you had a chance to catch up with Professor Stephen Franks on BBC’s latest programme about medicine.

Currently showing on BBC iPlayer this programme, which aired on Wednesday evening on BBC 2, features the endocrine system, the collection of glands including the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal which, among other things, work to regulate our sleep, mood and growth, by releasing secretions into the circulatory system.

It introduces Harnaam Kaur, who is one of 5-10% of women affected by PCOS, a condition which causes increased levels of testosterone and can cause increased facial hair growth in some women. Stephen Franks, Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology at Imperial College and one of the Trustees of Genesis Research Trust, and his team are investigating if the cause may be genetic. Their findings reveal the presence of some unexpected genes and it is the presence of these unexpected genes that may shed light on the potential causes of the syndrome.

Professor Franks hopes that genetic studies will give further insights, leading to better diagnosis and treatment and although there might not be a single cure, it may lead to personalised treatment and medicine.


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