FUNDS raised by Fern Britton and the participants of last year’s #Challenge57 have been put towards a brand new miscarriage initiative across three universities including Imperial College.

Miscarriage is the commonest, but least understood complication of pregnancy. It results in the loss of thousands of pregnancies every year and has a deep impact upon the families who are affected by it.  Tommy’s have launched a National Early Miscarriage Centre which is a collaboration between world leading miscarriage researchers from the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick and Imperial College, London.

Genesis Research Trust is partnering with Tommy’s in establishing the National Early Miscarriage Centre by investing £200,000 over the first two years to kick start the work. At Imperial College, London the research will be led by Professors Phil Bennett, Tom Bourne and Lesley Regan. The aim of the centre will be to understand more about what causes miscarriage, how it can be prevented, and how it is best managed, to reduce the loss of so many wanted pregnancies and to reduce the psychological distress that miscarriage causes.

Professor Phil Bennett says: “Great strengths of the National Early Miscarriage Centre are the large numbers of patients who we see in each of our hospitals, the tremendous resources available in each of the universities, and the collaboration between internationally renowned experts from each of the three universities who will be working together, rather than in competition, to help solve this enormous problem. Professors Jan Brosens and Siobhan Quenby in Warwick are world leaders in understanding early pregnancy biology, while Professor Arri Coomarasamy and his team are at the forefront of clinical research into miscarriage. The Imperial team is looking forwards to an exciting research collaboration which has only been made possible by the supporters of Tommy’s and Genesis Research Trust”.


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