Genesis Research Trust and Charity Car are teaming up for the month of March. If you have an old car you’re thinking about scrapping you can do so hassle free with Charity Car. They’ll even pick up the car for you! For free! By choosing to scrap your old car with Charity Car and by choosing to donate your car to Genesis Research Trust you’ll be helping us to continue funding our vital research which saves the lives of women and babies.

Charity Car will recycle your car in an environmentally friendly way, so you’ll be helping the planet too! *

100% of your car’s scrap value will come back to Genesis, or if your old car has any miles left on the clock Charity Car will auction the car, sell it to the highest bidder and return the profit to Genesis.

Customers who call the Charity Car information line or visit can choose whether to deliver their car to a local CarTakeBack recycling centre or arrange for it to be collected, free of charge, from your home.

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Chairty car Genesis Research Trust



*Charity Car recycles all scrap cars in line with the End of Life Vehicle Regulations and to the highest standard –‐ recycling 95% of every car. Each one of CarTakeBack’s 300 car recycling centres has been licensed as an Authorised Treatment Facility by one of the UK’s environmental agencies.

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