On the 9th May, 23 brave bonnie lasses alongside our patron Fern Britton and sports presenter Bryn Lucas, will don their bikes and helmets and ride 360 miles across the Scottish Highlands in aid of Genesis Research Trust. The six day route will be spectacular, with ascents of around 7,500 metres and unpredictable weather conditions will certainly test their endurance. However, the team are determined to raise over £58,000 to help such an important cause.

Last year to celebrate Fern’s 57th birthday we created a bespoke cycling challenge, in order to raise vital funds to enable us to continue funding the incredible research our scientists do. #Challenge57 from John O’Groats to Lands’ End in 2015 raised over £150,000 to fund research into the prevention of miscarriage. #Challenge57’s legacy is the Tommy’s Miscarriage Centre, this amazing event meant we could directly contribute to the centre.

Preterm birth is a delivery of a baby at 37 weeks of pregnancy or earlier. It is the commonest cause of death of children at birth globally – about 15 million births with about three-quarters of a million deaths. But even if a baby survives, the risk of serious, long-term damage or disease is much increased. Heart disease and lung disease are also a major problem. Moreover, a premature baby may be more susceptible to adult disease in later life – including diabetes, strokes, osteoporosis and possibly dementia. The more premature a baby, the less chance of survival and the greatest chance there is of severe disability. Death is almost certain at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

“No baby should be born too early because the effects can be tragic. Prematurity is the biggest cause of death in infants in the UK. So many parents do not get to experience the joy of bringing home their baby soon after giving birth and when a baby is born too soon it is in an exceptionally vulnerable state. Help us to give every baby a health start and a happy life.”

Fern Britton, Patron, Genesis Research Trust.

We’ll be keeping up with them along the way on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you can watch the action as it happens, please do join us in wishing the team well and supporting them all the way through their Highland challenge.

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