Most of us cannot imagine what it would feel like to lose a baby. It is a grief that is rarely spoken about within our society. However this week is a rare and valuable chance for those who have been suffering in silence to speak out. Baby loss awareness week is an international week which runs from 9th-15th October, it allows people the chance to remember and celebrate their babies who have passed, very often in tragic circumstances that could have been prevented. This week of remembrance and awareness is close to the heart of Genesis Research Trust, our research aims to reduce the number of miscarriages, stillbirths and premature births, as well as researching areas that affect a woman’s overall health.

MPs Antoinette Sandbach and Will Quince have fronted baby loss awareness week after suffering tragic losses themselves. Antoinette Sandbach took to twitter to thank those who had as a result shared their personal stories in the lead up to the debate.

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The baby loss debate started long before it entered the House of Commons yesterday, with many people taking to twitter and finally feeling like they could speak freely about their own personal experiences. With many commenting on how they dealt with their grief, including how their place of work treated them and how people spoke to them after losing their baby. The overwhelming feeling from all is a call for change.

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In the House of Commons yesterday the debate took place, MPs Will Quince, Antoinette Sandbach and Vicky Foxcroft shared emotional memories with their peers about the untimely passing of their babies. Speaking about death is a difficult subject, but speaking about the death of a baby is even harder, for many this is an unimaginable grief, and has for many years been a taboo subject. Vicky Foxcroft, MP for Lewisham Deptford told her story about her daughter Veronica, who died just five days after being born. Vicky was just sixteen and made many comments about the care she received at the time,and that the care system hasn’t done much to improve care for grieving parents since she lost her daughter. Vicky told the HoC how was made to feel like a child who should be ashamed rather than a parent who was grieving the loss of her baby. The MPs are calling for change and have pledged to change the face of bereavement care in this area.

The public has shown vast support for Vicky and the other MPs for sharing their stories.

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Genesis Research Trust aims to end the sad statistics surrounding baby loss. 1 in 175 babies are stillborn in the UK and 1 in 4 babies are miscarried, our researchers work tirelessly to make statistics like these a thing of the past. We hope through our research we can drive change, and prevent the unnecessary grief of people just like Vicky, Will and Antoinette.

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