Dear Professor Winston
Can you please give me your views on weight issues for a 47 year old going through IVF with donor eggs? I have had one fresh cycle resulting in a negative, and one frozen transfer resulting in another negative. I have one frozen 5day blast left to transfer if it makes it through the thaw, which one sadly already hasn’t.
My BMI is 30 and the clinic hasn’t said this is an issue at all (other than it would help to be lower if I did become pregnant) but they said with donor eggs then they don’t see any differences in ladies with higher BMIs. My last review my new consultant has said it does make a difference, but then couldn’t tell me how the embryo knows the difference in the uterus of someone overweight or not and couldn’t tell me if other hormones would be higher for example that might affect it.
In your opinion would it make a significant difference in implantation and success rates using donor eggs. I do know it would be better for my general health, and I am trying, but I just want a definitive answer as to whether it affects results with donor eggs.
Many thanks


Dear C,

At the risk of repeating myself, a BMI of 30 is to my mind a contraindication for fertility treatment. I am sorry to sound harsh, but it reduces the chance of a pregnancy very substantially, increases the risk of miscarriage as well as the risk to the foetus particularly in a 47 year old woman. The use of donor eggs does not make a substantial difference to this advice.

Yours sincerely
Robert Winston

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