Call for Proposals now open

Deadline: 11 May 2018

We fund the research that we believe will make the most difference to people wanting to have a healthy family.

Our grant-making priorities for 2018-2021 include:

  • Seed funding and consumables: we are looking to fund original ideas that will push medical research forward. We will also fund consumables, staffing and ongoing costs of work that meets our grant criteria
  • Winston Fellows: In recognition of his contribution to medical research and to celebrate 40 years since the birth of the first IVF baby, funding will be provided towards the creation of up to three Winston Fellows, specifically to further understanding and treatment of reproductive performance including failure to conceive and early pregnancy loss.
  • Chair of Reproductive Medicine: Funding will be allocated by the Board of Trustees to the appointment of a new Professorial Chair of Reproductive Medicine at Imperial College, London in order to deliver a significant step-change in reproductive health research and create a sustainable growth area at Imperial.
  • Partnership funding of priority medical research: Additional restricted funds are allocated directly by the Board of Trustees to research on priority areas as agreed with funding partners. Current priority areas include:
    • preterm birth
    • stillbirth
    • research into reproductive performance including ovarian function, cancer biology and stem cell research
    • Training the scientists of the future, with an aim to support up to 20 studentships over three years, 50% of which are ringfenced for women scientists
  • Public education: the Board will allocate funding, to be agreed on a project by project basis, towards projects specifically aiming to raise public awareness of the importance of reproductive medicine and reproductive healthcare services.

How to apply


The following funds are now open for applications:

Seed funding and consumables – deadline for applications 11th May

Winston Fellows – rolling fund


We welcome applications from any scientists or clinicians working on our priority research areas; however, to be eligible, a significant portion of the research must be undertaken at the labs and facilities at the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology or the Hammersmith campus of Imperial College, London. The research must be led by or in partnership with a Principle Investigator at the IRDB and the proposal for funding must come from the lead PI at the IRDB, except where agreed with the Chair of the SAC or Chairman of Genesis.

Grants typically range in value from £5,000 – £50,000

What we fund:

  • New initiatives including studentships, fellowships and project costs
  • Existing research activities including staff salaries/bursaries and/or laboratory consumables when alternative sources of funding are not readily available
  • Project-dedicated laboratory equipment (for research purposes only)

Winston Fellowships

We are now seeking exceptional candidates for nomination.

Winston Fellows will receive three years of full funding by Genesis (including research and consumable costs) and support from the Imperial College Fellowship Office.

Research undertaken by fellows should focus on furthering the understanding and treatment of reproductive performance (including but not limited to infertility, IVF, ovarian function, early conception)

Nominations of no more than 500 words should be made by Principal Investigators and outline why the nominee is a good candidate for a fellowship, the research they would undertake and the intended outcomes of the research. Nominations should be sent to Hannah French, Office Manager at Genesis Research Trust,