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Gift Aid is a tax-effective way to increase the value of donations. If you are a UK taxpayer the Charity can claim back the tax already paid by you on this amount of money. For every £1 you donate, Gift Aid allows us to claim 25p from HM Revenue & Customs

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  • I confirm that I am a UK tax payer and that I pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to or greater than the tax to be claimed from my sponsorship donation. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.
  • I confirm that the funds I am donating are my own and that I am not donating them on behalf of anyone else. Please note that Gift Aid can only be claimed under your own taxpayer status when spending your own money.
  • This donation is not being made as part of a raffle, in exchange for a ticket, or on behalf of a company or business. Please note that in these instances you cannot claim Gift Aid. This is because Gift Aid can’t be claimed on a donation made in return for something. Find out more about Gift Aid.