Sally’s cycling challenge Argentina to Chile Feb 2019 | Genesis Research Trust

Sally’s cycling challenge Argentina to Chile Feb 2019

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I have just returned from doing the “Cycle Cuba” challenge and had the most amazing time, meeting lots of other women with terribly sad stories to tell.

I’m a Midwife  and have worked in the community for over 27  years. I have looked after many women who have been unfortunate to have had stillbirths and fertility issues, as well as miscarriages. I myself have had 5 miscarriages, and also had fertility issues, although am lucky enough now to have 3 children, Harry 24, Daisy 17 and Holly 13. I also lost my best friend to Ovarian cancer 4 years ago at the age of 54.

Roberts Winston is an amazing man, who is funding research so women in the future will be less likely to have to go through these issues. I know I wouldn’t wish for anyone to go through these things.

Please help me raise money for this important research so our friends and family don’t have to go through this in the future

Thank you from the bottom of my heart



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