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Pippa Cockhead, Madagascar 2017

Thank you for coming to my page.  This September will be the 25th anniversary of when I took part in the British Steel Challenge, an around the world yacht race.  I plan to mark the occasion with another challenge, Cycle Madagascar is that challenge.  The challenge for me is to loose weight and get fit (having last cycled when we taught the boys to ride a bike, about 10 years ago).  Although I have not had direct experience of a miscarriage – I do know family and friends that have, which can be a very distressing time for all concerned.  We have the opportunity to do something about it and any research into this area is valuable and very important.  Please help me to reach my target, beyond would be fantastic.  Being a mother is a tough challenge and all should have the choice, so who’s worried about having a sore bum for a few days?


  1. Emma

    Yay! Go Pippa!! Very proud of you doing this amazing(ly hard) challenge…wish I was coming too! It’ll be tough, but just keep putting one foot in front of the other and the you’ll get there. Good luck! xxx

  2. Linda Sandford

    Well done Pippa! A huge challenge


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