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Madagascar Madness – Jean Halliday

IMG_2754So here I go again..another year and another challenge.

Last year took me to Myanmar and a spectacular and difficult ride through the centre of Burma.Every year I think it is the most difficult ride I have ever done and swear it will be my last. Oh well, this year will probably be my last but it will be a great challenge to finish on if it is. 360 kms through central Madagascar. As you all know Genesis Research means a lot to me and some of my dearest friends and family. My niece has lovely IVF assisted twins and last year my Goddaughter gave birth to a tiny IVF premature baby girl. All are doing very well but it is only thanks to units like Imperial college that this is at all possible. I wasn’t so lucky, so I keep on cycling for more advances in the care of women that enable a better outcome for many more women. Please keep supporting me, it won’t be for much longer.

I am very grateful for every penny you donate and thank you.


  1. Author

    I am cycling on the event September 15- 23 starting in Antananarivo

  2. Richard and lesley

    Best wishes for your ride and the excellent cause. The surroundings will be fantastic.


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