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Judith’s barmy Burma bicycle ride!

Thank you for visiting my page.

I am taking on the biggest physical challenge of my life to raise money for Genesis. The last time I rode a bike twenty miles was about 30 years ago and definitely by accident! But I will do this!
The money I raise will help towards research into the prevention of miscarriage. premature birth, still birth, cancer and brain damage.
For me this is the main reason I am doing this.
I see, first hand, children of women who have been under significant stress during pregnancy for many reasons. Many of these children suffer great harm in terms of their emotional health and their ability to learn and fit in to today’s society. Improving the emotional health and wellbeing of these mothers could have a significant positive impact on future generations and society as a whole. The Genesis Research Trust’s research in fetal programming will contribute significantly to achieving this.
I am very grateful for anything that you feel able to donate.

I am paying all my own costs so all the money I raise goes directly to Genesis.
I will keep you up to date with my training…….


Update February:
I started my training in January with a group of likeminded friends who are cycling 100km for charity in May. I thought it might be a good half way point!
Every Sunday at 7.30am we’re out there ready to go. So far we’ve experienced ice (started later!), rain, wind and floods! We’ve gone from 20 to 54km so far!
Next week I start cycling home from work (15km) twice a week………….


Update March:

ok so the weather isn’t much better and I’ve now also experienced hail and a bit of sleet. Hmmm….

the ride home from work is actually 19km and staying late last week ensured that I have also experienced cycling in the dark on country lanes. Not for the faint hearted! Anyway I’m now hitting 90 km a week mostly. The best bit about it? The cake! And feeling fitter than ever.

I’m now looking forward to warm feet at the end of a ride…..


  1. Heather Stirling

    Go for it Judith and enjoy it.

  2. Steve and Trev

    Good luck Judith, we’re sure you’ll smash it!

  3. Joe and Christine Killeen

    The time has come! Enjoy it.

    Good luck Judith!

    Joe and Christine Killeen


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